The fall was exceptionally rich this year here in Portland. In response to it and peripheral nudges (internal and external) to step away from the birch and aspen style of work for a bit, I created this "not aspens" body of six new works. Originally meant as a complement to the four seasons of the earlier Glacial Stream series, they eventually took on life of their own and became lyrically abstract expressions of the natural beauty here in Oregon. Each of these mosaic collages of gestural splashes of leaf and color helps me move my work towards that blend of landscape and abstraction that I feel gives the viewer just compensation for wanting to share their life with a work of art.

Pumpkin Ridge, Opus 509, 2010
Glass panel, 17 by 22 inches.
Frame, 24 by 29 inches.
Pismo Fine Art Glass, Aspen

Pumpkin Ridge blends together several images of crumpling dry leaves with a frigid bright sky.

Paintbrush Fall, Opus 510, 2010
Glass panel, 15 by 19 inches.
Frame, 19.5 by 23 inches.
Pismo Fine Art Glass, Aspen

A full-on riot of fall colors in, on, and around quiet river banks.

Blue Meadow, Opus 507, 2010 SOLD
Glass panel, 15 by 19 inches.
Frame, 19.5 by 23 inches.
Pismo Fine Art Glass, Aspen

Blue Meadow began as a study out of Roger’s studio window and morphed into an airy meadow as the industrial architectures actually surrounding his building were callously erased.

Oneonta Fall, Opus 508, 2010
Glass panel, 23 by 18 inches.
Frame, 29 by 24 inches.
Pismo Fine Art Glass, Aspen

Oneonta is a tiny gorge running perpendicular to the mighty Columbia river between Washington and Oregon, where one can just barely see the waterfall half a mile in, and easily imagine leprechauns or fairies scampering amidst the mossy rocks.
Spring Snow, Opus 506, 2010 SOLD
Glass panel, 17.5 by 14.5 inches.
Frame, 24 by 19 inches.
Pismo Fine Art Glass, Aspen

A transitional piece, not quite fish or fowl.  More of a study.  Those look suspiciously like aspen in there, but they are nicely hiding behind clouds of spring green, the composition floating on a desert/snow bank/prairie of the Great Plains, in French vanilla.  Must be an abstract...

Marble Kodama, Opus 505, 2010
Glass panel, 17.5 by 11 inches.
Frame, 20 by 14 inches.
Brian Marki Fine Art, Portland

A blend of vistas along the old train tracks leading to the quarry at Marble, CO with the iconic 'forest spirits' of Japanese folklore hiding in the trees.
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